Pavel Sivko



  • Pavel Sivko


    Aspoň kapičku štěstí (PF 2011 Pavel Sivko)

    No.: 228466

    Auction price: 80 CZK (4 €)

    Planned termination: 23. 07. 2019 18:54

    tisk, 2010, 17,8 x 8 cm, značeno v tisku Pavel Sivko, , studied at The Secondary School of Fine Arts in Prague, the disciple of prof. J. Trnka and Z. Sklenar at The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, member of UVU, The Association of Free Graphic, The Hollar Association of Czech Gra…

    Current price: 80 CZK (4 €)

    Last auctioneer: NOT AUCTIONED


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