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We are prepared to appraise your art work for the auction sale. Please, complete the appraisal form and insert photographs of the art piece into the tablet. Any additional information surrounding the artist may influence the starting price positively. The initial starting price is mostly a general figure, however the art piece needs to be seen and verified before commencing with the process

Should you decide to make use of our services, please, deliver the art piece to Vltavin Auction Hall, Masarykovo nábřeží 36, Prague 1 where the contract with the final starting prices will be signed. (open Mo-Fri: 10-12.00, 13.00-18.00 o´clock.). The auctioneers commission in an amount of 20% from the price attained (the hammer price).
There is another possibility to place the art piece into the auction sale for the price higher than offered, however there is a handling fee amounting to CZK 300,--. The Auction Hall still reserves its right to decide if the art piece will be auctioned.

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