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Vltavín Auction Hall Aukční síň Vltavín s.r.o. www.galerie-vltavin.cz followed on the activity of Vltavín Gallery founded in 1991 and which has been mainly oriented on the presentation of modern and contemporary arts. At the Auction Hall, significant art pieces from elder generation artists can be found, these art pieces influenced the form of visual arts in the Czech republic during the 20th century, Art pieces from the groups, Skupina 42, Radar, 12/15, etc, as well as the art pieces by artists of the 17th to 21st century, as well as the world-wide graphic arts..

Beyond the prestigious ¨live¨ auctions Vltavin Auction Hall realized the on-line auctions, divided into themes on regular on-line auctionweekly offering cca 300 art works antique on-line auction for art-lovers of graphics, bibliophile prints, letter, signatures, catalogues, books and other different art attractions (Topography - Czech lands of 19th - 20th century in art, Erotic in art století and others. Within the special on-line auction interesting art works created by famous artists or curiosities can be found including art work-room of lesser-known or foreign artists.

Vltavin Publisher provides the publication activity, cooperate closely with artists and publish the numerous publications (catalogues, monographs) on fine arts written by the prominent Czech historians of arts.



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