Karel Teissig



  • Karel Teissig


    Zlatý kohout

    No.: 1342

    Auction price: 1 CZK (1 €)

    Planned termination: 23. 09. 2019 20:46

    zlatý popisovač, papír, 1976, 18,6 x 12,8 cm, sign. LD K. Teissig, pasparta, PF 1974, pasparta zašpiněna, Provenance: Antiquarian Dlážděná, studied at the private school of V. Sychra at Manes, the disciple of prof. V. Nechleba at The Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, studied at Royal Academie des Beau…

    Current price: 101 CZK (5 €)

    Last auctioneer: ID5**7 History of bids


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