Alfréd Justitz



  • Alfréd Justitz


    Erotic motive

    No.: 254727

    Auction price: 7.900 CZK (316 €)

    Planned termination: 19. 04. 2021 14:05

    watercolor paper, 1920, 18,5 x 24,5 cm, framed , disciple of Prof. J. Kotěra at Czech Technical School in Prague, Prof. M. Pirner and F. Thiele at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, later studied a akademies in Karlsruhe and Berlin, member of the group Tvrdošíjní and SVU Mánes

    Current price: 7.900 CZK (316 €)

    Last auctioneer: NOT AUCTIONED


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