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for e-shop highest offer Vltavín s.r.o.

1. completion of form for verification of user´s identity

- this filling step is used for registration of your data to bidder´s registr of Vltavín Auction Hall s.r.o and is used for echo check of bidder´s identification. COMPLETION OF THIS FORM IS MANDATORY..

- Vltavín Auction Hall s.r.o. obliges that identification data are private and will be used entirely for internal needs of Vltavín Auction Hall, s.r.o.

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I am checking in for e-shop highest offer of company Vltavín Auction Hall conducted according to the Czech Commercial Code as amended. I agree with terms and conditions according to this notice. I oblige that all purchased articles will be paid within 14 days.


- In instances where forms are being submitted, you will be contacted by our one of our employees two days prior agreed upon submission date.


- based on the successful identification verification process, access will be granted to internet auction.

Information about GDPR

On 25 May 2018, the new rules on the protection of personal data of natural persons, based on European legislation, namely General Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of personal data (the "Regulation GDPR").

The GDPR Regulation also regulates the conditions under which "direct marketing" can be implemented. The Regulation preserves the possibility to process customer personal data for direct marketing purposes based on the legitimate interest of the trustee, in this case it is about sending information about upcoming auctions.

We appreciate the trust of our customers and therefore we want to inform you that we will continue to process your personal information for the purpose of submitting information on upcoming auctions based on legitimate interest.

The OO will not be processed for the purpose of sending information about upcoming auctions if you have objected to processing the OO at any time during the processing process for the purpose of reporting on forthcoming auctions. The objection can be submitted through our where you can learn about the complete privacy policy of our company.



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