Josef Peca



  • Josef Peca


    Portrét Dr. Z. Lodina

    No.: 179058

    Auction price: 1.400 CZK (50 €)

    Planned termination: 04. 06. 2020 14:06

    charcoal, paper, 1962, 92 x 64 cm, sign. LD J. Peca, rám, dedication below, yellowed paper, scratches on the frame, Provenance: Antiquarian Ostrovní, the disciple of prof. C. Bouda, M. Salcman, K. Lidicky, V. Nechleba, member of the group Rijen and The Umelecka beseda

    Current price: 1.400 CZK (50 €)

    Last auctioneer: NOT AUCTIONED


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