Mirka Věrčáková


studied glassmaking, she devoted herself to film and TV graphics, to a book illustrations and to sculpture. At the present time she's engaged in drawing, painting and graphic art. In 2002 was published her book Life Is not Wholesome, where is her creative style designated as NOSTALGIC - RETRO - POP - ART


  • Mirka Věrčáková


    Koňská hlava

    No.: 262228

    Auction price: 500 CZK (21 €)

    Planned termination: 01. 02. 2022 19:12

    kombinovaná technika, papír, 2012, 35,3 x 23,7 cm, monogr. PN M 2012, Provenance: Antiquarian Dlážděná

    Current price: 500 CZK (21 €)

    Last auctioneer: NOT AUCTIONED



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