Jan Zrzavý (1890-1977)

Apparition in Lourdes

pencil, paper, 1950, 10,5 x 16,5 cm, monogr. signed lower/ right J.Z., framed, the drawing depicting the moment of the apparition is a slightly smaller version of the drawing The First Apparition in Lourdes (1947) owned by the National Gallery Prague (cat. no. K 53.581) mentioned and illustrated. in J. Brabcová: Jan Zrzavý 1890/1977 cat. exhibition for the 100th anniversary of his birth (Prague 1990)

Provenance: Antiquarian Ostrovní

the disciple of Frantisek Zenisek jr., member of Sursum, the group Tvrdosijni, The Umelecka beseda and The Manes Association of Fine Artists

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